Recommendations for an antique watch owners:

1. You shouldn’t break or drop your antique watch, repair is extremely expensive

2. Moisture resistance appeared only in the 20th century, so any old watches are afraid of water and moisture

3. If your watches do get wet – open all the covers quickly, dry it with hot drier and go to the watchmaker to clean and assemble it again. Rust is a terrible enemy of mechanism.

4. Antique watches are less accurate – often with errors of seconds per day

5. It is not necessary to twist the windup spring to the end, because the old metal can burst

6. If you wear a watch – it is better to wind them every morning, a little – in the evening and leave them Dial-up on the table. Over-winding will strain or break the mechanism. My jeweler tells me you can’t overwind a watch if you are reasonably gentle.

7. Is not allowed to turn the hands counterclockwise if the watch has the calendar.

8. Turn the hands mostly forward, but even if you turn them back – do it carefully

9. Do not make any sudden movements – don’t turn hands sharply, don’t swing the pendulum too bluntly, do not press the buttons hard etc.

10. Every 2-3 years you need to maintain and oil your watches if the movement is dirty – do not make watches go for too long, as axes with dust and dry oil in stones will scratch and grind wheel pivots.

11. You should use any soft cloth to clean the glass and watchcase

12. Strong magnetic fields can significantly degrade the stability of the speed and accuracy of your watch

13. Most types of materials that are covering the dials can’t stand fat and aggressive environment, so never touch the dial

14. Avoid adjusting time or calendar from 21:00 to 24:00 in the evening. Because it is the time for gear-occlude during this time. Long-term adjustment during this time will result in damage to the watch and increase of the failure rate.


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